Semester 1
Semester 2
Semester 3
Semester 4

Diploma In Interiors

SEMESTER I -----------

Fundamental of Design
Sr.No.ContentSheet workNo. of Sheets
1Introduction To Interior Design Black and white pattern sheet 2
2Composition and it's typeDoms color sheet2
3Elements Of DesignPoster color sheet2
4Principle Of DesignColor wheel sheet2
5Design ProcessLetters sheet1
6Scale and UnitsLine composition sheet1
7DimensioningElement and principle design sheet1
Drawing equipment sheet1
One point perspective sheet2
Two point perspective sheet2
Isometric sheet1


Design and Drawing Principles
1Plan , Elevation and Section
2Space planning and forms
3One and two point perspective
4Isometric Projection

Diploma In Interiors

SEMESTER II -----------

Building Construction
Sr.No.ContentSheet workNo. of Sheets
1Anthropometry Basic Anthro's sheet 1
2Human DimensionA/C to Human dimension2
3Types of Brick bondHatching sheet1
4Intoduction to building construction and partBuilding Construction1
5Door and WindowsBuilding Material1
6Stair caseDoors2
7Services (Water Supply and Drainage)Windows2
8Planning and Vastu Stairs1
Servives (Water suppl)1
House Planning sheet2

Diploma In Interiors

SEMESTER III -----------

Furnitures Detailing
Sr.No.ContentSheet workNo. of Sheets
1Types of Furnitures Types of chairs 1
2Furniture planingTypes of tables1
3LightningType of Bed1
4Electrical layoutBuilding Types of Sofa1
5Ceiling layoutWardrobe types1
6Ceiling typesLed Pannels1
7Furniture placementKitchen Layouts1
8Complete Residential planningCeiling and false ceiling planning1
Interior Plans and elevations1
Standard Furniture sheet2

Diploma In Interiors

SEMESTER IV -----------

Interior Finishes
Sr.No.ContentSheet workNo. of Sheets
1Fabrication Study Wallpaper sheet 3
2Glass StudyFlooring sheet1
3Wood StudyArtifacts1
4Types of paintsType of wood joints2
5Wallpaper and its materialComercial planning1
6ArtifactsComplete interior sheet2
7FlooringDesign studio1
8Interior Decoration
9Complete Material Knowledge
10Commercial Planning
11Market study
12Digital portfolio