The Institute is one of best institutes in the fields of Multimedia Animation and Designing. It is located in the central parts of the city and has 4000 sq ft. area on 1st and 2nd floors. It has an all-round ambience in its interiors with a transparent glassy looks sections. It has separate specialised academic staff and research staff working together for the overall development of the students at IMAD.

  • Well equipped multimedia and computer labs
  • Class-rooms for drawing and theory purposes
  • Projects development center
  • Drawing sections having latest technology lightboxes for traditional animations
  • Directors room
  • Councelling desk for enquiries
  • Reception counter for guests
  • Library for books
  • A complete e-library having tutorials & e-books accessible from LAN
  • Wi-fi campus
  • Musical environment for development center
  • Indoor games section


IMAD's Building

Computer Lab

Theory Classroom

Classroom 1

Classroom 2

Classroom 3


Counseling Room

Drafting Boards